Within the eyes

Within the eyes truth to be realised,
All that is known is seen for sure,
Acceptance the path of self absorbed,
Realisation is held in the palm of your hand,
Heart controls what mind is allowed to understand.

Spiralling forever within the embrace of the belief,

The spirit soars even while the soul knows no release, The quest was always to find the past and things gone before,
Now changed and spoken - First found after decision to see,
That which from this time is held in store.

So easy to accept and understand,
To be seen with eyes of truth and heart in hand,
Flowing rivers melding with the sparse streams flow,
All things interconnected and our will the only thing that decides where it goes,

For in this life fate is only what we make of it,
Within the world everything is only what we wish to take from it,
There is so much which remains unsaid - thoughts held inside the head,
It's known as surely as it was allowed to be grown,
Things which are to be held within their time and their time alone,
All things eventually will depart from the nest and fly far from that called home,
Soaring the greatest heights and seeing things never before seen,
Twirling upon the breeze of a million lives gone before,
Taking up the fight and flight to rise above it all and be free - to soar,
Flight of Osiris is the milestone where it all began,
Reminiscent ditties the angels of the seraphim once sang.

By Marketh