For My RAOK Friends.

I dedicate this page to all the wonderful people
that have been a big part of my life
over the last few years
to you all I thank you for your support and friendship.
your warmth and kindness has meant so much to me.

Thank you for your Thoughtfulness.

It seems some people have a way
That very few possess--
A way of being gracious,
With special thoughtfulness,
A way of giving all they do
A warm and loving touch,
By sharing acts of kindness
That mean so very much.

It seems some people touch our lives
In all they say and do--
The very dearest people,
People just like you.

Author Unknown

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-- -- - - Ooo-----ooO--------
A Memory Lasts Forever
Never Does It Die
True Friends Stay Together
And Never say Goodbye
( ) ( )
/|\ /|\

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