Two oaks in the forest, different size trees,
Reaching for the sun they grow, acorns release,
Many acorns they did fall, not far from the tree,
Only two took root, beneath a changing canopy.

Both they did grow, one starting first,
Upwards towards the light, rooted firmly in the earth.
The second it did follow, a similar path to the light
Never realising however, that a different path was also right

Breaking out of the forrest, out of the tops, of the mould
The acorns grow independently, a wonder to behold.
The roots of the once acorns, embedded solidly in the floor
Are a common bond, adding so much more.

For in their own ways, the trees help the soil
By their unique pathways, they vindicate the oaks toil
Although separate pathways the acorns do choose
Acorns from the common tree remain - honest and true.

author K.B.Hanmore