Bill and I first met when I was only fourteen,
my elder brother introduced us.We dated for a while
and even spent a beautiful holiday together
touring in North Wales,with my brother and his girlfriend.
But the odds were against us as Bill is fourteen years my senior.
So after a few months we went our separate ways.

But by then I had fallen hopelessly in love with him,
that first kiss did it.
People told me to get over him, as it was only puppy love.
We both moved on with our lives. I left home at fifteen,
met someone else and became engaged at seventeen.
But always there was a piece of my heart that was Bills alone.
I lost contact with him and didn't even know where he had gone.

The only member of my family that new was my elder brother,
I asked him many times over the years for Bills address
so I could contact him, just as a friend.
Always I got the same answer
"When you are old enough to know your own mind Sis
I will give it to you".

Whilst at a New Years party in 1966/1967
I once again asked my brother.
Surprise surprise, he said "OK Sis you are old enough now"
and told me that Bill
had joined the army and was stationed in Germany.
He gave me an address, so I wrote,
and by return mail I received a reply.
Bill told me that he was going to be back in England in early March
and would look me up at my work.
Which he did we then spent a wonderful three days together
and realised that our feelings hadn't changed.
I broke off my engagement and moved back home.

We thought the odds would be against us once again
as he was on deployment to Singapore for two and a half years,
and would only be in England for a matter of weeks.
He asked me to marry him, and I said yes
agreeing to wait for him till he came back from Singapore.
Though our relationship now had the blessing of my family.
We thought my Mum would never give us her permission to get married so soon.

As we sat with my Mum after a party towards the end of April 1967.
She looked at us and said
" When do you two want to get married then"
looking at each other in total disbelief,
Bill answered "in two weeks time please".
I think my poor Mum nearly fell of her chair.
(years later we found out she was only joking)
So my love and I where married
by special license two weeks later on the 6th May 1967.

Three weeks after getting married I was living in Singapore
where we stayed for two and a half years.
Then off to Germany for another couple of years.
I also spent 9 months in Lydd, Kent
whilst Bill went to British Honduras (Belize)
on an unaccompanied tour of duty.
Our final year in the army was in England
at the Royal School of Signals in Blanford Dorset.

When Bill left the army in 1973 we emigrated to Australia,
first living in Adelaide South Australia,
then moving to Queensland five years later.
We were told by the doctors that the warmer climate,
would be better for me as I have multiple sclerosis.
For the past twenty seven years we have lived
in several areas of Queensland
(mostly in the Cairns and northern areas)
but moved to the south east corner of the state a few years ago.

We have had our ups and downs like most marriages do,

...... but.......

When I Look At My Man Today,
I Love Him More Than I Did Yesterday.